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Getting Your Twins to Eat More Diverse Foods (and not be so picky!)

It seems like all of our children go through phases where they like and dislike something which seemingly just yesterday they enjoyed very much. Your kids, even if they’re not twins, will be picky. That said, you definitely want your twins to eat more diverse foods. Here’s how to conquer picky eaters and broaden your […]


Aren’t all twins identical? Well, not really. – Podcast 137

Episode 137 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes If you haven’t heard it yet, just wait. “Are they identical?” is a common question asked to parents of twins. Unfortunately, this question is kind of awkward when you have boy/girl twins. This podcast discusses why people are confused about identical twins and how […]


Raising Twins as a Single Dad

Twins are a handful on a good day. Extra so if you’re alone and raising twins as a single dad. I recently read the story of a 68 year old single father of infant twins who was left alone with his babies when his wife died within days of giving birth. It is a heartbreaking […]