Preparing for and Raising Twins (From a Dad's Perspective)

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Multiples Illuminated Book Review

When you’re expecting twins or in the day-to-day struggles of raising twins, you are hungry for a realistic picture of what life will or should be like. How will your pregnancy turn out? When will your babies be born? What happens if they are early? ​What’s normal for infants? Toddlers? Beyond? I know we had […]

How to Make Sure Your Marriage Survives Twins

How to Make Sure Your Marriage Survives Twins – Podcast 114

Episode 114 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes Twins can put a real strain on your marriage and family life. However, they don’t have to be the end of your marriage. Listen as I discuss several things you can do to strengthen your marriage and make sure you survive the challenges of […]


29 Twin Moms Tell it Like it Is: How Dad Can Best Support Mom

I asked several mothers of twins on Twitter a simple question: “Based on your experience as a twin mom, what’s one thing dad can do to best support his partner/spouse on their twin journey?” These twin moms responded with a boatload of wisdom in short, easy to digest tweets. Read their responses below and take […]