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Why You Should Give Up When Parenting Your Twins

I heard a recent podcast over at Power of Moms Radio that reminded me of something that has helped me as a father immensely: it is just fine to give up. Sometimes we think that giving up or throwing in the towel is a sign of weakness. We should never give up! We must persevere […]


How can we improve our twins’ appetite?

Our question today comes from Danny who asks, “How can we improve our twins’ appetite?” When I looked at Danny’s question, this question could really be applied to any age of your twins. In Womb Foreshadowing You’ll notice that the differences that you may have noticed of your babies in the womb carry over to […]


Routines & Improving Twins’ Appetites – Podcast 94

Episode 94 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes Listen as we discuss the following: Importance of routine with your twins Improving your twins’ appetite – why it varies and what to try Get your free audio book of my Dad’s Guide to Twins book, click here. Want to have your question answered […]