7 Things Every Dad of Twins Needs to Know (unless you want your life to be a nightmare):
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Original Snap-n-Go Double Stroller with Toddler Attachment

Baby Trend Snap-n-Go Double Stroller Review

You’ve likely heard the adage, always leave a sleeping baby lie. Or wait, is that a sleeping dog? Either way, when your babies are sleeping you don’t want to move them. When your twins are infants, they sleep a lot! When you take them to their frequent doctor visits or running errands, it can be […]

Podcast 98

How to Judge and Take Advice You Get About Twins – Podcast 98

Episode 98 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes Listen as we discuss the following: How to filter the essential advice you should follow with your twins How many people you should receive advice from before acting Why you need to judge the person giving you advice Why you should experiment as a […]