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Worried about how to prepare for your twins' arrival? The "Dad's Guide to Twins" book will help you know what to expect and prepare for your twins.

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Mom and her twins

When Mom Gets Left Home Alone With the Twins

I want to share an article I found from another father of twins who is blogging at Double Doodie Dad. This post in particular is written by his wife and it’s from the mom’s perspective of what happens when dad goes back to work and mom is left home alone with the twins. In the […]

Podcast 74

How to Prepare Mom for When You Go Back to Work – Podcast 74

Episode 74 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes Listen as we discuss these questions: One twin mom’s experience when Dad when back to work (as seen on Double Doodie Dad) Tips for helping Mom prepare for and be successful with the twins when Dad goes back to work and leaves Subscribe to […]

Dad and his girls

Keeping the Right Perspective When Raising Twins

Here’s some thoughts along the lines of keeping a good mind set, and remembering that you can control the situation in your home and in your family and in your mind through the thoughts that you have. I read an article today on a blog from a fellow father of twins. His blog is AFatherofTwinBoys.com, […]

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