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Saving Money on Twins with Scott Alan Turner – Podcast 108

Saving Money on Twins with Scott Alan Turner – Podcast 108

Episode 108 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes We continue our Father of Twins Interview Series with Scott Alan Turner a dad of boy/girl twins and Financial Rock Star Podcast host. Listen as we discuss Scott’s twin journey, including: How their adoption route turned to IVF and eventually twins What they did […]

Common Complications During Twin Pregnancy

Common Complications During Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancies can get complicated. The nature of carrying two babies can wreak havoc on poor Mom. While there are many common complications of a twin pregnancy, don’t stress out too much about them. Modern medical care can help you overcome most of these. Complications during twin pregnancy consist of those unique to twins plus […]

11 Myths About Expecting Twins

11 Common Myths About Expecting Twins (and the Real Truth You Should Know)

When you are expecting twins, you can easily be overwhelmed by all the mis-information that is flying around. Here are several common myths about expecting twins and what you really need to know: Twins Run in Families Myth: Twins run in families and are based on heredity or family history. Truth: Fraternal twins run in […]