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Worried about how to prepare for your twins' arrival? The "Dad's Guide to Twins" book will help you know what to expect and prepare for your twins.

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Twins in Seats

What if One Twin Needs More Attention than the Other?

Question: “Is there a concern if one of the babies needs more attention than the other or you end up holding one more than the other? Is it important to make sure to split time pretty evenly for development and bonding?” So this is a great question because as a parent of twins, your attentions […]

Twins Financial Preparation Course

Worried about the financial impact of twins?

Just this week, I’ve received a handful of emails from parents expecting twins like you. They say things like: “We are concerned with the financial impact of twins.” “Will I be able to afford it?” “I’m worried about the long-term financial and logistical aspects of having twins.” Do these sound familiar? They should. You likely […]

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Unbalanced Attention, Twin Nursery, Stop Fighting – Podcast 68

Episode 68 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes Listen as we discuss these questions: Is their a concern if one twin needs more attention than the other one? How do you design a nursery to fit both babies? How to stop twins from fighting Subscribe to the Podcast To subscribe to the […]

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