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Worried about how to prepare for your twins' arrival? The "Dad's Guide to Twins" book will help you know what to expect and prepare for your twins.

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Twin girls together

Preventing your Twins From Constantly Interrupting Each Other

Okay, so our question today comes from a mom who’s got 6-year-old twins. And she says, “There’s a lot of arguing between them when they want to talk to me about something that happened at school. Or just in general. It almost always ends up with one of them crying because the other one talked […]

Ultrasound of Twins

When Can the Sex of Both Twins Be Determined?

Recently I got the question, “When can the sex of both twins be determined?” You can find out pretty early, maybe 12 to 13 weeks in the pregnancy. But most often you’re going to find out the gender of your twins at around 18 weeks. You’re going to be more likely to find out early […]

Podcast 76

Affordable Feeding Chairs, Finding Out Gender, Talking Interruptions – Podcast 76

Episode 76 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes Listen as we discuss: Affordable chairs for feeding time with twins. (I recommend the Fisher-Price Booster Seats) When can the sex of both twins be determined? Preventing your twins from constantly interrupting each other. Subscribe to the Podcast To subscribe to the podcast, please […]

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