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Fatherly Advice, Sleep Regression, When Found Out About Twins – Podcast 84

Episode 84 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes Listen as we discuss: Tips from a fellow father of twins Sleep regression with your twins Survey results: how early you found that you were expecting twins Mentioned in this episode: The Distracted Dad Dad’s Guide to Twins Facebook Page Subscribe to the Podcast […]

First Time Father of Twins Expectations

First time father of twins? Here’s What to Expect

Benjamin, a first time father of twins, asks, “What should I expect?” Now, Benjamin, this is a big question for any first time father of twins, especially when they are your first children. The overall theme of the first several months of twins is sleep deprivation and definitely all hands on deck for caring for […]

Twin Baby Gear Parents Never Use

Twin Baby Gear Parents Never Use

I recently surveyed the Dad’s Guide to Twins community and asked, “what is some twin baby gear you bought before the twins arrived that you never really used?” Different For Everyone It’s very interesting to see the different types of answers come back, because different parents had different experiences with different twin baby gear. Some […]