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Worried about how to prepare for your twins' arrival? The "Dad's Guide to Twins" book will help you know what to expect and prepare for your twins.

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Do you get your twins mixed up?

Do you get your twins mixed up?

One of the things I worried about when we brought our twin daughters home from the hospital was getting them mixed up. I wanted to make sure we knew who was who all the time. We took measures to keep our girls from being mixed up: We color coded what clothes they wore. We left […]

Terrified of having twins?

Terrified of having twins? – Here’s what to do.

I recently found a great article titled “Terrified Of Having Twins? Eighteen Pieces Of Advice From A Mom Who Has Been There.” by Nikki over at RushedMommy.com. Nikki makes several great points that I’ve also found very valuable, and I want to mention a handful of those to you today. Now keep in mind that […]

When Strangers Try to Touch Your Babies in Public

When Strangers Try to Touch Your Babies

I recently got a question from a dad who writes, “How do you handle the constant issue of people coming up to you and your wife and the twins in public and trying to touch your babies?” When I saw this question, I smiled, because we experienced the same exact thing. As a parent of […]

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