7 Things Every Dad of Twins Needs to Know (unless you want your life to be a nightmare):
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Easier with Twins

When does it get easier with twins?

When you are in the midst of the challenges of caring for your twins, you’ll wonder, “does it ever get easier with twins?” The answer may surprise you. The answer is no. It never gets easier because there’s never a shortage of challenges with twins regardless of where you are in the twin journey. Ease […]

Podcast #88

Different Not Easier, Crib Escapes, Celebrities and Twins – Podcast 88

Episode 88 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes Listen as we discuss: When does it get easier with twins? What to do when twins crawl out of crib at nap time Why do so many celebrities have twins? Mentioned in the show: Podcast #23: Transitioning your twins to big beds Want to […]

Feeling Twins Move During Pregnancy

When do you start feeling twins move during pregnancy?

When you are expecting twins, you’ll start to wonder, “When do you start feeling twins move during pregnancy?” Every Pregnancy is Different Before I answer this question I want you to remember that all twins are different. All twin pregnancies are different. So when you go comparing to other twin pregnancies, it’s kind of giving […]