7 Things Every Dad of Twins Needs to Know (unless you want your life to be a nightmare):
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Why Twin Dads Need to Help (and How to Make a Difference)

In case you hadn’t heard, having twins requires all hands on deck. Mom and dad need to be actively engaged in all aspects of childcare. There really isn’t a way around that. Our first two boys, as singletons, were born one at a time. As a dad, I tried to help as much as I […]


Questions for Your Doctor – Twin Tip Tuesday

Video Transcription Hi there, and welcome to Twin Tip Tuesday. I am Joe Rawlinson, the founder of DadsGuideToTwins.com. One of the things I need you to do, dad, during the twin pregnancy is go with your wife to the doctor visits. This is going to give you a huge amount of insight into what’s happening […]


8 Twin Sleeping Options from Cribs to Bassinets and Beyond – Podcast 92

Episode 92 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes Listen as we discuss several sleeping options for your infant twins: Which room will the twins be in? Rock n Plays Twins sharing a crib Simmons kids bassinets Brica Travel Bassinet Graco Twin Pack-n-Play Bouncy Seats Swings Halo Swivel Bassinet Want to have your […]