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Worried about how to prepare for your twins' arrival? The "Dad's Guide to Twins" book will help you know what to expect and prepare for your twins.

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Husband and Pregnant Wife

Communicating with Your Partner About Raising Twins

I was asked, “Will I be able to communicate with my partner about what is needed to be productive and caring parents?” You should be able to do this, and you should be able to start right now. That starts with being open and honest in your communications with your spouse even during the pregnancy. […]

Stop Twins from Biting Each Other

How to Stop Twins From Biting Each Other

Here is a question from Justin. He says he has 20-month-old boy/girl twins, and he says the biggest issue right now is biting. “Do you have any advice on how to keep them from biting each other? That would be great.” Biting is a challenge with any kid, of course. But particularly twins because they’re […]

Getting Older Kids Settled

Getting Older Kids Settled

So I got a question from a dad who asks about an issue that he’s having. He says, “I’m having trouble getting my other four young children situated or should I say settled so my wife and I can focus on the twins.” Well first of all, if you already have four kids and you […]

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