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28 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Here’s what to expect when you are 28 weeks pregnant with twins:

Fetal Development

By 28 weeks in the twin pregnancy your twins each measure about 15 inches tall (38 cm) and weigh 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg) and average the following measurements:

Head circumference: 11″ (272mm) about the size of a lemon
Abdominal Circumference: 9.75″ (246mm)
Femur Bone Length (from waist to knee): 2.1″ (53mm) which is about the height of a credit card

Your twins’ eyelids are open and they have eyelashes now. Each baby is about the size of a kabocha squash.

Read more about your twins’ growth: twins fetal development at 28 weeks pregnant.

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What to Expect

Typical weight gain for Mom at this point is about one pound per week (0.6kg).

Total weight gain for the twin pregnancy so far will average between 30 to 46 pounds (13.6 to 20.9kg).

For more details on Mom’s health, see:
Mom & Baby at 28 Weeks Pregnant

Pictures and Video

Here’s an ultrasound video of what you might see at 28 weeks pregnant with twins:

Belly picture at 28 weeks:
28 Weeks Pregnant with Twins Belly

If Your Twins Were Born This Week

Your twins are very early preterm and the odds of survival are better than weeks past. However, twins born during the 28th week still risk major medical complications and life-long health issues. They will spends weeks, if not months, in the NICU. Twins born this week average a hospital stay of about 60 days.

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What to Prepare This Week

When Mom is 28 weeks pregnant with twins, you should have already been working on your twin nursery and sleeping arrangement. Think about temporary sleeping arrangements for your twins. Where will they sleep when you are traveling, visiting family, or during naps? Consider getting a pack-n-play for your twins for an alternative and mobile sleeping location.

Dad’s Thoughts

By the time Mom reaches 28 weeks pregnant with twins, bed rest is a very real possibility. You want your twins to stay inside Mom as long as possible. Every extra week helps them get ready for life. As the Dad, you can help your wife during a twin pregnancy required bed rest.

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