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About Joe and Dad’s Guide To Twins

Dad with twins

Hi, my name is Joe Rawlinson and I’m the dad behind the Dad’s Guide to Twins.

You have concerns about finances, healthy babies (and mom), physically caring for two, getting twins to sleep, and more. You’re not alone. You’ll find answers to your most pressing questions here on this site.

How this all got started…

I have beautiful identical twin daughters. Although they are adorable now, when we found out we were having twins, I was terrified. When our twin girls were born, they joined two brothers and we instantly had four kids ages three and younger.

When we were expecting our twins, I didn’t really find any good resources for fathers of twins. There was lots of information for moms and general info about twins. However, there wasn’t much just for dads.

Thus this site was born so you can learn from my experiences and thrive as a father of twins. You’ll find practical tips, tricks, and advice on preparing for and raising your twins.

Get more help for your twin journey…

In addition to this site, I’ve written two popular books for fathers of twins:

Dad’s Guide to Twins

Expecting twins? Here’s how to prepare for their arrival.

Dad's Guide to Twins Book

Dad’s Guide to Raising Twins

Thrive as a father of twins through the early (and challenging) years.

Dad's Guide to Raising Twins book

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