First Year With Twins

Tips for surviving the first year with twins. If you can make it through this year, you can do anything!

Check out the Dad's Guide to Raising Twins: How to Thrive as a Father of Twins for a comprehensive guide to raising your twins through the first year.

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Getting Your Twins to Eat More Diverse Foods (and not be so picky!)


It seems like all of our children go through phases where they like and dislike something which seemingly just yesterday they enjoyed very much. Your kids, even if they’re not twins, will be picky. That said, you definitely want your twins to eat more diverse foods. Here’s how to conquer picky eaters and broaden your […]

Raising Twins as a Single Dad


Twins are a handful on a good day. Extra so if you’re alone and raising twins as a single dad. I recently read the story of a 68 year old single father of infant twins who was left alone with his babies when his wife died within days of giving birth. It is a heartbreaking […]

How to Survive the Witching Hour with Fussy Twins

How to Survive the Witching Hour with Fussy Twins

Do your twins turn into cranky beasts sometime between dinner and midnight each evening? If so, you’re not alone. This “witching hour” is very common with children. Your twins are no exception and will give you double the fussy mess. Ironically your twins may be angels all day and still revert to super fussy handfuls […]

How to be Patient with Your Twins

How to be Patient with Your Twins

The very nature of having twins requires a ton of your effort. Twins are exhausting. As they grow, the challenges change but can still be overwhelming. If you find yourself losing your temper and being short on patience with your twinados, you’re not alone. Having children can bring out the best and worst in parents. […]

How to Raise Twins on a Single Income

How to raise twins on a single income

From the moment you find out you’re having twins, you know deep down that they will cost a lot of money. The challenge is how to pay for all those expenses especially if you are on a single income. When we had our twin daughters, I was working full time and my wife was already […]

Twins Have Their Own Language

Twins Have Their Own Language

As soon as your twins can make a sound, they will start to “talk” to each other. I started to notice this when our girls were a few months old. Our twins shared a crib for several months before we separated them into their own cribs. Once we separated them, we started to notice an […]

Having More Kids After Twins


So now that you’ve had twins, are you done? Or will your family still grow? Getting pregnant after twins will bring some new challenges but things will generally be easier than with twins. Let’s look at what to expect when you’re having a singleton after twins. Why more kids after twins? Your personal decision to […]

How to Celebrate Your Twins’ First Birthday


When you reach your twins’ first birthday, you deserve a little celebration. After all, both you and your twins have survived the first year. Congratulations. You may be tempted to have a big birthday bash with dozens of friends, expensive gifts, decorations, and entertainment. My advice: keep it simple. You’ve worked hard over the first […]

Halloween Costume Ideas for Twins


It can be a big challenge to come up with Halloween costume ideas for twins – whether your twins are the same gender or not. However, if you are open to a bit of creativity and messing around to find the ideal costume, then here are some Halloween costume ideas for twins: Wizard of Oz […]

Online Twin Clothing Consignment

Online Twin Clothing Consignment

Let’s face it: buying clothes for your twins can get pricey. Fortunately, with a few parenting tricks you can save buckets of cash on the clothes you buy for your twins. One thing that we’ve found extremely helpful to stay within our budget is to buy used kid’s clothes. That’s why I was super excited […]