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How to Give Twins a Bath

Bath time

Giving twins a bath is always an adventure. When our girls were newborns, we decided we would bathe one girl every other day.

That idea worked on paper, but in reality, with life being unpredictable, we couldn’t keep that schedule. We needed to make sure we got the girls bathed whenever we could.

Since our girls are identical, we started with a rule in our home: both babies can’t be naked at the same time. This helped us keep them straight until we could tell them apart more easily and not have to rely on our clothing colors color-coding system.

I’ve found that once our girls got mobile, they wouldn’t take turns with bath time. They both wanted to take a bath and they both wanted it now.

Happy bathers

Here are some tips I’ve learned about bathing twins in the bathtub:

  • Get all your towels and wash rags ready before you start the water.
  • Make sure your soap is within reach of your kneeling on the floor position.
  • Put down a non-stick mat that covers the bathtub floor.
  • It helps to have a cup for rinsing the babies. You may need two cups so that one baby can play while the other is cleaned.
  • Strip down both babies to their diapers so you can pull one’s diaper off, put the baby in the tub, and then immediately take off the other baby’s diaper in rapid succession.
  • Once the water starts in the tub, you can’t leave. Your babies will need constant supervision.
  • Use the kneeling pads you can find at a garden center while kneeling on the hard bathroom floor.
  • You’ll need an extra towel to mop up all the splashes.
  • You’ll have at least one twin that wants to drink the bath water. This same twin will then be surprised when too much water comes out of the cup.
  • Be ready at a moment’s notice to help a baby who slipped sit back upright.
  • Babies are really slippery when wet. Try to keep at least two points of contact when moving them.
  • If you can get your spouse to help, you’ll be a happier person. My wife will take a baby to dry off while I finish cleaning the other.

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  1. Bill Lukawy says

    I bathe my boys myself. Only issue is once their groin is uncovered they fire!!! Lol!!!!

    Only 6 month fraternal. Do 1 at a time. But occasionally I take them to the tub with me. They love bathing with dad. Real treat.

    It’s bonding and hey nothing to hide, plus easy because I’m in good shape very thin too.

    My wife actually enjoys letting me bathe they, she knows it’s important to have some time with them and they miss being with their dad.

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