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You’re Famous With Twins – Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Episode 6

Dad's Guide to Twins Podcast

You are a celebrity with twins! In this sixth episode of the Dad’s Guide to Twins podcast, I discuss why twins make you so popular when you are out in public and what to expect from your fans.

Show Notes

I start with a follow up on episode 3 about diapers. I did some research on the costs of cloth diapers and what it means for you and your twins.

Listen to the podcast to see what you’ll experience when go out in public with your twins.

  • What people say to you about your twins
  • How others react when they see you in public with your twins
  • How to fend off your admiring fans
  • What to enjoy about all the attention

The main part of this podcast was inspired by my blog post 7 Ways Infant Twins Are Fun to Take Out In Public.

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Written by , author of The Dad's Guide to Twins


  1. Iranor says

    hi, glad to read a father like you… God bless u and ur family.
    I have twins , too. Two boys one year and seven months years old.
    I feel they are a big blessing in my life, i´m a happy mommy who enjoy each second of my life with them, have twins feel like something which sometimes i have no words for explain my feelings. The only way that i have found is to giving thanks each moment when i see them in my arms , or sleeping, just say “thank you God! for blessing me like a mother of Twin babies”
    I would like the father of my babies feel like me, and show like u do his hapiness… but, we had have a lot of people loving us and helping us since they were born. now, everthing is perfect and i´m so happy, really happy.
    Iranor Andrade, from Venezuela.

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